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You Can Raise the Standard for Marriage.

Will you take a stand for marriage with us?

When we talk about raising a standard for marriage, we aren’t just campaigning to save individual relationships. Our goal is to protect civilization itself. We want to see couples thrive. We want to see kids grow up with both parents. We want to save society. 

RAISED: $8,691,697        GOAL: $15,000,000
RAISED: $8,691,697
GOAL: $15,000,000

The Purpose of the XO Marriage Center

Build a permanent home for XO Marriage

Create a global hub for advocates of marriage

Provide a place of hope and healing for marriages in crisis

Establish the only significant  landmark in the world dedicated to marriage

Equip pastors and leaders to save marriages in their communities

Support and advocate for healthy marriages around the world

Ways to Give

Your contribution will directly support the facility’s buildout and the expansion of all of our XO platforms.


General Donation

When you give to XO Marriage, you’re helping us spread the message of hope that every person has a 100% chance of success in marriage.


Walk of champions

This brick is a visible symbol of how XO Marriage donors are  paving a way for future generations to thrive. 

*Donations of $1,000 or more.


Wall of champions

Your generosity will be visible for generations to come on our Wall of Champions located inside the XO Marriage building.  

*Donations of $10,000 or more.

Thank You For Your Support

Whether it’s producing marriage-related content or mediating marriages through crisis, everything about our building is designed to impact families for generations to come.

Be it a multi-figure gift or just making any small donation you can, we are grateful for your partnership in helping to raise the standard of marriage. 


Your gift makes a difference. Thank you!

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The XO Marriage Center A Highly-Innovative Headquarters For Marriage